Sophie Boudana

“This training method got me to loose close to 20 lbs. I see the transformation, it's amazing!”
A friend had purpose me to join her for a personal training session with David. At first I was not forth going. I ended up trying a 6 week program...

Having the privilege to train with David is an experience I will never forget.

He was very patient, explained nutrition at a whole different level. I thought weight watchers did that for me, while the only thing it did was teach me portion control. In addition, David helped me understand how balanced nutrition really plays a huge role when you want to loose weight, keep it off and how we can always be in control.

It's my new "favourite" way of life!

David's a pleasure to work with. Always greets and starts the class with a big smile. He makes you work hard but knows your limits.

Every training brings new challenges so it never gets boring. The results speaks for the rewarding hard work he makes us put in.

This training method got me to loose close to 20 lbs. I see the transformation, it's amazing!

So to all of you looking to start a new challenge in making better choices in your life and finding your "new you", go ahead !! I promise you won't regret it. It's the best gift you can give yourself!
Trained by:
David Kadoch
  • “Losing over 30 pounds has been the most exhilarating feeling!” Liraz Cohen
  • “He knows his client’s limits and is an unparalleled motivator who gets individuals to surpass their capabilities without injuring themselves.” Samy Amar
  • “Training with David turned my life around! I was able to lose 25LBS in his program. ” Jake Cohen
  • “I feel healthier and know that I made a real difference in my life!” Albert Roffe
  • “I feel lighter, stronger and dynamic for the first time in over 15 years and this is thanks to David and his training method.” Aaron Minciotti
  • “After 4 months, I achieved my goal and lost 44 pounds. I feel great and have lots of energy!” Alex Bouhadana
  • “I successfully shed 10kg of undesired weight in about 2 months. ” Justin Winderbaum
  • “I really started from scratch... without any skills nor flexibility and certainly not any cardiovascular endurance.” Alex Aizraelewicz
  • “I lost 25 lbs. while strengthening my core, cardio capacities and developing significant muscle mass and definition. ” Patrick Elharrar
  • “I learned so much valuable information on nutrition, exercise and the things my body requires to stay healthy” Yossi Cohen
  • “I strongly recommend David and his QPersonalTrainer program, always there with a smile, very determined and encouraging, knowledgeable and experienced in his field.” Daniel Zagury
  • “I was able to lose 25 lbs. in 4 weeks!!How can I ever thank David and “QPersonalTrainer” enough?!?! This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Not only did we achieve all my goals, but more than this, I got my confidence back.” Haimy Mann
  • “David is so much aware of human needs: the necessary aliments for the body and what triggers the souls’ motivation of any individual.” Michel Harrouch
  • “ I had tried many diets which had helped me lose 1 or 2 kg, but after a while, I would just give up.” Ilana Lasry
  • “I really needed someone to push and motivate me. David has done just that.” Tania Tosti
  • “Through the application of just a few simple rules, I lost 20 pounds in one month and have never experienced so much energy and mental clarity.” Abraham Dahan
  • “In no time, I started performing in the fitness room and gaining confidence in myself. ” Jeremy Pinto
  • “For the first few weeks I didn't believe that what we were doing was going to work but every 2 weeks at weigh-in I found myself shedding pounds.” Edite Cohen