Alexis Gabbay

“Most dedicated and implicated trainer, by far ”
We started with a clear goal. Lose 30 pounds slowly but consistently. Charles-David is extremely knowledgeable in his domain and perfectly understood the realistic daily challenges and adapted the process accordingly. I am eternally grateful to the regular check-ups, accepting the downfalls and celebrating every pound lost. Most dedicated and implicated trainer, by far
Trained by:
Charles-David Gabbay
  • “He helped me go from 210lbs to 155lbs in 6 months!” Cedric Pariente
  • “Thanks to Charles-David, I lost over 100 pounds in one year!” David Malka
  • “He gives his 100% to all his clients” Yossef Malka
  • “Charles-David is always very attentive to my needs” Gabriel R W
  • “Charles-David is simply the best trainer out there” Jonathan Beniluz
  • “I am feeling healthier and more alive” Moshe K