Technology has allowed us to take our services to the next level!

We are now offering Live Interactive Virtual Personal Training Programs in the comfort of your home with experts from around the world.

Our Trainers can train and interact in real-time with you via ZOOM holding you accountable to all of your fitness goals while keeping a close eye on every move you make and guiding you on your personalized transformational fitness journey.

Simply set your tablet or smartphone in the area you’ll be working out in. Your Trainer will call you at your scheduled time to begin your session.

Be ready for an extraordinary training session!

If you’re new to this concept, you can book a free 20-Minute virtual interactive trial session by sending us a message.

We look forward to working with you and eager to see your transformation!

client transformations

At QPersonalTrainer, we trainers take great pride in providing our clients with the best service, tools, and knowledge to help them create breakthrough transformations!

  • “Through the application of just a few simple rules, I lost 20 pounds in one month and have never experienced so much energy and mental clarity.” Abraham Dahan
  • “Overall so far, I lost 25 pounds in about 2 months training with Daniel. He is truly the motivational trainer I was looking for.” Melanie Zeller